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TPU material classification
2014-05-27 16:22:17

            Many on the market waterproof bag, waterproof case, waterproof backpack are made ​​using the TPU material.
           TPU material can be divided into several different TPU materials for different aspects.
           The first is a transparent TPU film, TPU material can be used for this type of footwear, luggage, handbags and other items.
            The second is the TPU breathable waterproof membrane, such TPU material used for clothing, footwear fabrics fit.
             The third is a hot melt adhesive film, which is a high adhesion TPU material without the use of glue adhesive.
             The fourth is the high and low temperature film, mainly used for filling water bags, inflatable bags, foam products, such as the production of composite materials.
              Select TPU material waterproof bag, waterproof case, waterproof backpack when needed and choose according to their needs raw materials.

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